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The Volunteer Experience™

Why Volunteer

As part of volunteering with us, you'll get to:

  • Help create independent, online community spaces
  • Shape the processes and culture of an up-and-coming organization trying to make a difference in the web
  • Join a non-judgmental community of fandom people who understand the struggles of being a modern online fan
  • Apply skills you have or grow new ones in a supportive environment
  • Build a portfolio of contributions to open source software and projects in a fandom-focused environment different from traditional open source spaces
  • Choose your own adventure/level of involvement:
    • Mentor or get mentored
    • Lead new projects or join existing ones
    • Move around tasks and teams—try stretching your skills or stay in your comfort zone
    • Learn at your pace—for your enjoyment or to level up your coding career

The volunteering experience

While still in its inception, the BobaBoard volunteering process aims to be a supportive entry point into open source development, empowering fandom folks to actively contribute to and shape the online communities they inhabit.

The goal of both core members and other volunteers is to create spaces and processes that enable:

  • A welcoming and enriching experience for beginners and experts alike.
  • An encouraging, judgement-free environment to develop new skills in, or to hone pre-existing ones.
  • The opportunity for motivated individuals to make an impact, and to have their contributions publicly recognized to the extent they're comfortable with.
  • A leadership style mindful of the experience of marginalized communities, proactive in addressing their needs, and supportive of proposed changes within the boundaries of its code of conduct.

Reaching and upholding these goals is a collective, continuos effort. If you wish to propose changes, believe we're falling short of our commitments, or have other concerns, you can open an issue on GitHub, contact Ms. Boba, or take advantage of our anonymous volunteering feedback form.


[Ms Boba] Create an anonymous volunteers feedback form, and a standard "how to discuss X" template.

Volunteering Expectations


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While BobaBoard strives to embody the chaotic and transgressive spirit of some corners of transformative fandom, we expect volunteers and staff to approach their roles and tasks with seriousness and respect, and to familiarize themselves with our code of conduct.

Active and clear communication is the most important quality of a successful volunteer. This means volunteers are expected to:

  • Asks questions early and often.
  • Communicate problems as soon as possible.
  • Proactively let us know how we can help make their experience better, or smooth out problems for them.

If life or other issues get in the way of a commitment you've made, let us know! We'll reassign the task with no judgement.

This project is fully committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. If we can provide accommodations to improve your experience (such as breaking down tasks, or more regular check-ins), let us know. If you have concerns, you can report them to Ms. Boba.